Welcome To Gold Star Stories

Gold Star Stories is a regular short story competition created by Jeffary Joseph [@JeffaryWrites]. The purpose was to give writers the opportunity to test their craft alongside other writers and have the opportunity to compare that work. Every two weeks a prompt is released and writers are tasked with writing 250-300 words. The first fifty submissions in our inbox will be accepted and pitted against each other by our judges. 

The top three submissions will not only win kudos and gold stars: they will also serve as the three judges for the next round of submissions. All fifty submissions will be made available on this blog so that the entire Writing Community has the chance to see writing in action and all contributors can gain the benefit of comparing their craft.

This service is run by volunteers. No-one is paid, no money is requested. Everyone is free to join in and submit. Now, here are the finer details:

1. Our prompt will be released via twitter by Jeffary so make sure you’re following @JeffaryWrites and @GSStories

2. Once the prompt is released, writers have 48 hours to submit their entries to goldstarstories@gmail.com. We can only accept entries in English, please include your name and your twitter handle (so we can tag you later!).

3. If you are in the first 50 entries landing on our digital doormat, you’ll be automatically selected for anonymous judging – one volunteer will remove names and twitter handles from submissions before they go to the judging panel.

4. The top three entries will earn: Gold/Silver/Bronze star status respectively and become the judging panel for the next round. 
[For anyone unable or unwilling to judge, one of our volunteers will take their place on the panel.]

5. All fifty submissions will be shared on this site to showcase the amazing writing produced by the community. However, if you don’t want your work shared, please tell us in your original submission email. 

Don’t want to compete? Missed out on the first 50 submissions? Prefer some micro fiction? Craft your submission on twitter, include #GSStories and we’ll select a handful for our Snapshot Community Post on the blog.

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